Welcome to Car Boots Cornwall in our 28th Year!
Every SUNDAY Car Boot Sales at TRURO TR1 2RJ at 1.30 pm/ Early sellers set up at 12.00 noon (£5.00 extra)
All sellers should arrive before 1.00 pm. Please ensure you are secure with your selling items and your cash. TRURO is an all weather location if it rains we use the cattle/sheep pens under cover. The 1.00 pm set up time is exclusively for 'setting up only' and as sellers you must stay on your stall until the sale starts at 1.30 pm (pee breaks permitting) STRICTLY no-buying no-reserving. There were some amazing bargains sold on SUNDAY including antiques household clothing galore with the majority of sellers doing very nicely, thank you! Enjoy TRURO this SUNDAY at 1.30 pm. SECURITY! See todays email Geoff Says.
Collect all 5 of these separate colours and get £5.00 off next time you sell at Car Boots Cornwall or get a £3.00 discount for ANY five colours!

Welcome to our 28th year of running Car Boot Sales in Cornwall.

We regret these price increases which we have not increased since 2010;
Sellers prices will increase to;
CARS £8.00 each
Estates & 4 x 4s £9.00
Trailers £5.00 Extra
Box Vans £18.00
Small Vans £10.00
Transits £12.00
LWB £ 15.00
Market Traders from June 1st £1.00 per foot frontage.

EARLY Sellers
Sellers who wish to go in early to set up their stalls can pay £5.00 extra at the discretions of the supervisory staff. STRICTLY NO Selling-No Buying-No reserving-No Looking at other stalls, set your STALLS up only!

Any stalls setting up and selling only 50p items will be entitled to ‘early entry’ to set up FREE of the extra £5.00 charged however the stalls must be entirely 50p or less!


STRICTLY No DOGS at Saturday’s MITCHELL Car Boot Sales

TRURO; Cattle Market; dogs allowed by not in the Cattle Pens

FALMOUTH; No DOGS allowed on any of the grassed areas

WADEBRIDGE; Dogs must be held on leads

NEWQUAY; No dogs in selling areas

At all other locations signs will be installed for our policy on DOGS please remember POO BAGS and that we are running Car Boot Sales not DOG SHOWS!

Do not leave any rubbish at our events which is known as FLY TIPPING! We ask all sellers and buyers to ensure they leave NO RUBBISH please otherwise your picture and your car and your rubbish may appear in the Geoff Says blogs?

Wines, Spirits, Beers, Cigarettes, Tobacco, Animals, FAKE DVDs or CDs of Videos!
You must not sell GUNS, KNIVES including Kitchen and Bread Knives, Flick Knives.
You must not sell FOODS, CAKES, SANDWICHES, DRINKS, FRUIT or VEGETABLES, CRISPS nor SWEETS without the permission of Car Boots Cornwall and with the approval of Cornwall Council Health Authorities and Trading Standards!

You do not have anything to worry about from our side all advertised Car Boot Sales will go ahead (subject to weather conditions) You do not have to book or reserve a space, all of our locations have adequate space however it is advisable that you arrive at least one hour before start times, some sellers prefer to allow 2 hours in order that they get a space near the main entrance to the sale but seriously if you have the BARGAINS and a good stall whatever position you are setting up in the field the buyers WILL find you and enjoy spending money on your stall. All you have to do is arrive with your car sensibly loaded at the main gates where a member of our team will point you in the direction of the sellers queue. All of our sales are operated to start at the advertised times so as a seller you will be shown to your selling space half an hour before the start times. Please ensure when you park up that your engine is turned off and that your keys will not be lost also ensure your car BRAKES are on.

Once you are parked safely open up your BOOT and the first items you will get out will probably be your tables. If you do not have tables don't worry you can always put your items for sale on boxes or a blanket or a ground sheet or similar. We do not hire tables to sellers! During the setting up of your stall you are NOT allowed to either buy or sell nor look around at other stalls nor try to get another stall to reserve items on their stall for you to buy after the sale has started. Whilst you are setting up your selling area be careful that you are totally secure conscious and that you cash floats are in a very safe place (watch out there's a thief about) When you have set your stall up which should take 15/20 minutes check that you have place your valuable items at the back of the table for security.

Whilst you are setting up hopefully many hundreds of buyers are arriving and at the correct time (5 minutes lee-way) the horn will blast to start the sale when all of the buyers will rush to your stalls and if you have got it right you should start taking money from the off! Once the initial rush is calmer look at your stall and move your displayed items around to ensure your potential customer can see everything on your tables. Be confident in your stalls, be nice to your customers but not over friendly and feel confident that once you have sold an item and you say "yes it works" make sure of your facts otherwise potential customers could be entitled to a REFUND. If a customer is sold an item that is not 'all you claim it to be' then Car Boots Cornwall would support that customer to gaining a full refund.

Take it seriously, you are a shop-keeper for a couple of hours and you should enjoy yourself and be able to sell off your unwanted items and make some money. Occasionally we get young kids and teenagers set up stall which they do with great pride and enthusiasm and they do a GREAT job! It's your turn now. ENJOY!

Geoff & Louise Camden Wiles

NOW READ 1-20 tips below pictures!

But Not Quite Sure How To Go About It?
Well! We're Here To Help - Take A Look At Our 20 Point Guide On How To Be A Successful Booter!

Dont make it an ordeal, do it to raise some funds for you and your family, and get rid of your unwanted items.
Pack your Car, if you use tables pack them last, they are the first things you will need on arrival.
Arrive at least 1 hour before the start time.
If you arrive early you will have set-up time to display your stock.
Display to the best of your ability clean stock, dirty stock DOES NOT SELL and it puts customers off your stall.
Bring some change and keep your money safe.
Price up your stock with labels where possible, have carrier bags to wrap your sold items.
Put clothes on hangers where possible, check pockets! Make sure CDs and DVDs are IN the boxes.
No buying or selling before the HORN sounds.
Do not SMOKE on the stall or when serving customers. It puts your customers off.
Do not buy off one stall and then try to sell the same item on your stall, it amounts to BAD MANNERS and causes friction between sellers!
If you are selling electrical items they MUST work and they MUST have correctly fitted safety plugs.
If you can bring along instruction manuals or assembly instructions for your goods, it'll make them more sellable
Be polite and pleasant to ours and your customers.
Do not say to customers 'its only been worn once or its only been used once' - Baloney!
If in doubt about anything ask for Geoff or Louise, we can advise after 20 years experience.
Dont wear anything nice and certainly wear your old shoes.
Be prepared for a shower of rain, something to cover your stock (see through plastic sheets work)
Control your kids and dogs but bring something to amuse them...Like Grandma!

Car Boot Sales are generally friendly places to be, we all want to buy a bargain and when we load up the car we all hope we can get rid of some unwanted items. As a seller you will want to have an idea of how much to charge before you leave home, if you are not sure DON'T SELL IT, either Lou or Geoff can advise, failing that there are always reliable dealers to get advice from.

What ever location you go to think about WEATHER and be prepared to cover your table and stock in the event of a shower, or worse! Do not wear good clothes and certainly put on your old shoes, grounds tend to be mucky most times of the year.

There is no need to reserve a space, at most of our Car Boot Sales we have ample room for everybody.

If you are alone selling take your time by unpacking your car slowly and if you put an item on your table and it gets interest immediately from a buyer close your boot and deal with the buyer. We do not advise reducing any prices within the first hour of a sale, if a potential buyer really wants an item, tell them to call back before you decide to reduce.

Some Do's and Don'ts!!
  • Do bring plenty of change
  • Do bring carrier bags and wrapping paper
  • Do bring a 'felt tip' pen and some card or paper for writing prices
  • Do bring some cellotape
  • Do bring a cover for your stock in case it rains
  • Introduce yourself to a neighbour and someone to look after your stall for the 'loo'
  • Catering is provided at all Car Boot Sales however you may need that early cuppa'
  • Don't sell any electrical item without safety plug
  • Don't sell any electrical items and claim they work, if they do not?
  • If you have CLEAN stock it will sell quicker and you WILL get repeat custom
  • Don't come to complain if you are not selling, look at your stock, rearrange the display, are your price too high? Is your stock disinteresting?
  • Be nice to your customers, chat and be helpful, it works.
  • BEWARE and be security conscious, someone might try to deprive you of your earnings by stealing them so put you money safe, preferably on your person but NOT on your tables.
  • Watch your stock and make sure NO-ONE takes any items without paying.
  • If you have any problems on your stall contact one of our team do not try to take the law into your own hands.
  • If you have anything stolen from your stall it will probably be your own fault, remember you are in charge of a sales area no bigger than 4 yards x 3 yards! Childs play!!


Once you decide to leave the sale, pack up into a separate box the items you do not want to sell any more and when you get home leave the box by your dustbins!

Enjoy yourself, make a fun day of it!!!

Car Boots Cornwall Market Trader Code of Conduct 2015

All Market Traders and professional Car Boot Sellers are required to have FULL PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE with immediate effect.
We require names and addresses of all Traders the address to be in line with the one shown on your Public Liability.
Contact telephone numbers.
Vehicle Registration numbers.
Vehicle type.
All Public Liability Insurance certificates must be shown on request of myself or an appointed member of staff.
ALL sellers and Market Traders Vehicles should display a current road tax license.
Our terms for Market Trader and Professional Car Boot Sellers is £1.00 foot frontage at most locations, there is NO room for negotiation.

Market Traders should understand that carbootscornwall relies on CAR BOOT SELLERS as the main part of our business, Car Boot Sales are 'trouble free' events with brilliant Community spirit friendship and atmosphere.

We will not hesitate to take action against any persons who wish to disrupt the smooth running of our events.

Market Traders are having a very difficult time with the main High Street Stores and Supermarkets selling similar items cheaper than the Market. Traders should be original and imaginative in choosing what to sell to the car boot community, Car Boots Cornwall had over 340,000 recorded visits to our location last season, we get the people to our events, it is up to you to offer the right BARGAINS to our public!

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