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A loss of £400.00?Posted: 13/11/2017
Dear Geoff, I posted a message on the St Erne Community notice site regarding a friend of mine, and a lady replied saying you may know this couple and their phone number. Neither my friend or I, can get all the way down to Truro or Falmouth,, so hope you can help out with a phone number at all. Thank you, I’m sorry to be troubling you like this. Here is my posting:
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Geoff Says; You will be some lucky my lover if someone comes forward and says 'I found four hundred quid in the bottom of a bin liner' I am afraid it ain't gonna happen but then the majority of the Cornish are honest clean living people so keep everything crossed is my advice!

Any replies to; deefundrey@gmail.com
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Home Page 19/09/17Posted: 19/09/2017
TUESDAY at NEWQUAY is ON this week at 12.00 noon/WEDNESDAY at St Columb at 1.30 pm
Sellers should arrive at least one hour before start times ................. Got to give praise to Sunday at PENRYN with over 30 sellers and mostly new faces as sellers. Loads of real BARGAINS with one stall taking around £270.00 Thank you to all the locals and yes 'thank you to Ann' for heralding in the good news about PENRYN CAR BOOT SALE every SUNDAY at 3.00 pm up to end of season! Thursday is very doubtful at the moment with heavy rain forecast.

Tuesday 19th great day good weather and although the ground was soft we took a chance and the Car Boot started at 12.00 with 50 sellers enjoying the first opportunity to sell for the last 13 days and the buyers a huge crowd supported the sale carrying loads of bargains back to their cars mostly to be sold at up-country Car Boot Sales for at least double the price they have just paid you! A nice little earner from the Cornwall Car Boots what goes around comes around (allegedly)

What a lovely atmosphere no heated discussions no arguments no falling outs just a couple of hours doing as yer wanna do within reason (unfortunately)

There are still loads of holiday-makers around who enjoy the freedom of having their dogs with them at Newquay. So far this season we have had no complaints about dog poo nor the dog poo owners but beware if you have a small snatchable toy dog to be sold up-country within a day of it being stolen. Reminder, one blond Chiwawa was stolen a few weeks ago from Newquay and the children of the owner cry every day over their loss!

Next two three days look crap with heavy rain I will update information at 8.00 am each day!
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16/09 Home page;Posted: 17/09/2017
Sorry MITCHELL Car Boot Sale is CANCELLED due to ground conditions and weather ................
Sorry we lost both Wadebridge and Falmouth on FRIDAY due mainly to the weather and ground conditions exacerbated by the FAIR being at the Rugby Club. We will have a fields inspection on SATURDAY at 7.30 am and report the decision if Mitchell Car Boot will happen. Latest at 7.45 am
it is CANCELLED ......................

Sunday Car Boots at St Columb at 1.30 pm ground inspections on Sunday depending on overnight rain and ground conditions! Sorry this is miserable to read due to weather conditions but it fair for me to advise that Newquay on Tuesday is looking unlikely. Be happy, I'm not!! Geoff x
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HAYLE CANCELLED St COLUMB MAJOR CANCELLED Penryn unlikely do to weather and ground conditions! Sorry.Posted: 17/09/2017
Sorry to advise that the two Major SUNDAY Car Boot Sales (Hayle & St Columb Major) have been cancelled, so there! It is the fault of the weather and ground conditions and if we were to go onto the fields at either location with 100s of cars vans and lorries and earth people the grounds would be ruined for the rest of the season.
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Do you know this man?Posted: 14/09/2017
Police have asked the public to help them identify this man
Police have made a fresh appeal for information relating to the sexual assault of a teenage girl on a train.
It took place as the 17-year-old was travelling home on the Newquay to Plymouth service from the Boardmasters music festival on 12 August.
Detectives from British Transport Police have released an image of a man they would like to speak to.
One other man is helping police with their inquiries.
More on this and other Devon and Cornwall stories
Det Con Matt Grieve said: "I would like to thank everybody who has provided us with information following our last appeal. However, I am still looking to identify this man. If you know who he is, then I would urge you to get in touch as soon as possible."
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Posted Home Page Saturday the 9th SeptemberPosted: 09/09/2017
7.40 am; Saturday MITCHELL CAR BOOT SALE is CANCELLED to protect ground conditions
FIELD inspection at 7.30 am for decision for SATURDAY at MITCHELL at 8.00 am!! It's not looking good............ 7.40 am Landlord David did a field inspection and it was a unanimous decision that we CANCEL today's Car Boot Sale at MITCHELL to protect the excellent fields we have experienced over many years! Anyway I feel it's going to get worse and Sunday at St Columb looks doubtful due to the weather and the length of the grass in the public and selling areas. We could hold a 'find a four leaf clover' competition and the winner gets to bring their own cordless mower to mow their selling areas? Penryn Rugby Club need the money (don't we all) but I think the ground conditions may not be suitable, more to follow.
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One day at a time; Mitchell that went ahead! Posted: 07/09/2017
One day at a time;
MITCHELL Car Boot Sale Thursday at 12.00 noon! The weather looks indifferent for Fri/Sat/Sun updates here;
The weather over the next few day looks poor, probably the best bet is that MITCHELL which I believe will go ahead tomorrow at 12.00 noon THURSDAY.

Friday Saturday and Sunday the BBC are saying there will be rain. My advice is tomorrow at Mitchell could be dry all day which is a good each-way bet?
Thursday went ahead with 18 sellers which was a shame for the buyers who turned out in force to support the sellers. The buyers read my advice that Thursday was the best opportunity to sell?
If we get the weather predicted for the next few days Thursday looks like it could be our next sale, let's see!
Friday's Saturdays & Sundays forecast is dreadful according to the BBC?

I will consider the forecasts for the weekend but I have CANCELLED FRIDAY'S Car Boot Sale in the interest of common sense as there is no way Falmouth would or could have 20 sellers (minimum required) this FRIDAY.
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Bank Holiday weekend 7 well attended Car Boot Sales and drama from the skies and an apology!!Posted: 02/09/2017
August Bank Holiday weekend!

What a wonderful weekend with great weather and on offer thousands upon thousands of BARGAINS provided by over 500 Car Boot sellers’ stalls at our locations for the Bank Holiday weekend. Huge success for Mitchell for a record day everyone was happy apart from the moaners who could not take a bit of sun after the piss poor weather we have had recently ‘Oh God’ they moan on ‘I wish this bloody hot weather would stop’ Give it a break missus we have had two days of sunshine and some of you miserable old booters think ‘Oh shit we've got another bloody heatwave’ after 2 days? Deal with it FFS!

Gossip, but true did you know they there twins George and Leroy (fictitious names to protect their real identity) well one of them George (the heavy one) bought a very valuable rare antique gun rifle scope for twelve quids at one of our Car Boot Sales and it sold recently for well over ‘one thousand pounds’ on eBay, it’s as though he doesn’t have enough money already that there George?

Bank Holiday Monday started with our Falmouth Rugby Club 10.00 am Car Boot Sale with 70 plus stalls and lots of buyers including all the regular locals but holiday-makers who according to some of the sellers they ‘spent well’ Falmouth is a nice location with a great happy family atmosphere. Jewellery stalls sell very well with competitive prices however if you are reluctant to sell your jewellery ‘because you do not know how much to ask for’ I can give you the names of very reliable dealers who are willing to give you valuations on any jewellery you may wish to sell.

Monday starting at 1.30 pm for our traditional 27th year Bank Holiday Monday which was a huge success in the heat of the day enjoyed by over 120 sellers and up to 2000 men women and hundreds of happy kids getting there weekend treats of second hand toys.

We started our first ever Bank Holiday Monday at St Columb Major at 4.00 pm and I admit my stupidity of changing my mind from 5.00 pm as the plan for lots of the sellers from Falmouth and TRURO was to sell at 2 or three locations ending up at St Columb. Sorry my mistake but all future Bank Holiday Mondays at St Columb will be at 5.00 pm giving time for those to do three Car Boot Sales on Bank Holiday Mondays starting at Falmouth at 10.00 am then onto TRURO for 1.30 pm start then on to St Columb at 5.00 pm, happy days! The sellers at St Columb 25 in all sold very well indeed with several stalls taking well over £150.00 loads of buyers turned up to support and yes these events will be a very popular for next year, first Bank Holiday MONDAY at 5.00 pm is Easter!

I arrived at St Columb Major to be treated with all the other people to a FREE spectacular Red Arrows Air Display going through their aerobatic routines over the skies and flight paths used normally by the in and out flights of Newquay Airport. Brilliant display and ‘free’ to watch. I kidded some people that I had paid for the Red Arrows Display Team to perform for my customers to celebrate our first Bank Holiday Monday Car Boot Sale at St Columb Major and only 25 sellers turned up and now I am in serious debt FFS! ‘You couldn't lend us a few quid could you please?’

At the start of the sale the aisles were crowded with buyers and our story starts with a very nice man and his very nice wife and their very nice son who buy a boxed DVD game for £4.00 from a lady stall-holder who was the first seller to arrive. They pay the £4.00 and as they walk away from the stall they open the box and ‘hey presto’ there is no game in the empty box!
They return immediately to the crowded stall and say to the lady stall-holder “There is no DVD game in this box, can we have our money back” ‘Certainly not’ says lady stall holder ‘No I will not refund’ the family come to ask me where they stood for a refund. I accompany them to the lady stall holder whose attitude is way over the top as she absolutely refuses to refund! “Madam, you will refund because you had a duty of care towards your customer to prove they are buying what they think they are paying for, you should have opened the box to prove the DVD was in the box, the trusting customer should also have looked into the box but the onus is on you to refund your customer.
The lady stall holder got very close to accusing the family of three of stealing the DVD which in my opinion was stupidity. Eventually the stall holder slammed the refund into the fathers hand telling me she was ‘never ever going to do another one of your car boot sales again’ well there yer go, shit like that happens in the real world!!

Shortly after this incident I drove home leaving manager Jo-Jo to close up the sale, I had briefed her about the DVD but back at St Columb things were ‘hotting up’ as the lady stall holder not content with my decision for her to give a refund storms up to Paul (Rock on) (who parks cars) who she mistakes for me (should have gone to Spec savers FFS) and the poor sod is just sitting in the catering area having a well-earned cup of coffee and a burger when her starts up “Now then, do you want to finish that or do I start now?” Rock on Paul nearly falls off his chair he looks at the ranting woman and he thinks WTF is she on about FFS!

Fortunately manager Jo-Jo comes to the rescue and tries to calm the lady down who was ‘incandescent with rage’ With the greatest of respect this lady was certainly of no size to argue who towered above Jo-Jo but Jo-Jo stood her ground saying if you want to take this up with Geoff then do so but I am not authorized to give you a refund. Further abuse followed liberally assisted with eff words when Dave the catering manager tried to intervene (standing behind Jo-Jo) to stop the abuse towards Jo-Jo. Lady stall holder was equally abusive to effing Dave so with a very effing irate stall-holder lady swearing revenge towards all of effing Car Boots Cornwall and our effing customers and effing manager Jo-Jo so everyone had heard enough effing abuse for one day and them all went home to effing bed FFS!!

Jo-Jo phoned to brief me about what had happened after I had left St Columb Major, Dave also contacted and told me of the gross offense the very irate stall holder lady had caused. So to sum up the now ‘aggressive lady stall holder’ and the missing DVD incident has involved accusations of theft against I believe an innocent family of three really nice people on holiday here in Cornwall. She had been unacceptably rude and offensive to other people during the entire incident refusing to accept her seller’s responsibility to legitimately refund a customer.

I reserve the right to complete this story but I will not identify the lady stall holder who knows I will write this blog however to my utter amazement she telephoned me at 9.00 pm in a very distressed crying state to say that “When I got home I found the DVD it was in my stock and I am so ashamed of my behavior today and I do apologise to your managers for my rudeness and to the family who I thought had stolen the DVD, I am truly sorry, I would have phoned earlier but I have been crying my eyes out ever since I found the DVD and I am so ashamed of my behavior, I am so sorry” She then cried some more but I did get the impression her apologies were genuine.

What I seriously admired about this lady was that after all of the humiliation she had caused by her rudeness and accusations to others she now has the BALLS to say “I got it wrong, it was my fault, I am truly sorry” Her sobbing and confession was so sincere her nearly got me sniveling as well but what an absolute rarity it is in life to get a full on snotting and sobbing apology from a woman “It was my fault and I am so sorry” from a woman? Never!! I mean with us men if we is wrong we always admit it and most of the time when we are not wrong we always apologize just to keep the peace even if we was in the right in the first place so to speak WTF?


We have decided to have an ‘open policy’ on dogs being allowed at our Car Boot Sales our main problem is that it is not the dogs fault if the owners do not have the courtesy and common decency to pick up the crap that their dog has just deposited in our selling fields therefore at Mitchell DOGS are allowed into the three parking fields but they are NOT allowed into the ‘selling field’ this ruling may be relaxed on Thursdays.

At Newquay hundreds of our customers are on holiday and they bring the family dogs with them with the rest of the family to Newquay Car Boot Sales on Tuesdays, so far this season most people have got poo bags and have dealt with any dogs who have dumped inside the selling field.

At St Columb I have allowed dogs to be in all areas but it is the duty of the dog owner to ensure you have ‘poo bags’ If any of our buyers or sellers see any persons allow their dogs to crap-shit-dump-turds onto the field where you are trying to sell or buy without the dog owners cleaning up the warm poo please let one of our team know asap but some of your outspoken people will demand ‘clean up that crap your dog has just shat’ There are so many kids around and babes in pushchairs, dog owners ‘show some respects’ please!!

And finally, don’t look bored when you are selling at any of the Car Boot Sales it is such a turn off to potential customers who firstly look at your table then you, some of you are using your mobile as a distraction to your boredom is huge turn off. Pretending to talk to someone who is not there is a good one but it is rude and crude you is no dude! The biggest turn off is smoking tobacco and nicotine and blowing the poison chemicals at your potential customers which is sinful! I quite often ‘get the whiff of a sniff of de herb’ when I am told ‘they are smoking de weed over there’! Peace and love. Legalize Cannabis like America giving millions of dollars into Community projects and let’s save all of these countless and painful deaths through smoking death cigarettes which costs our NHS services billions.
Be nice to your customers in advance, before you leave home pack up and bring some real BARGAINS be nice to each other and ensure you are looking after ‘what is yours’ as there has been a spate of petty stealing from stalls involving an adult ‘passing back’ an item to a 5 year old child to steal? Regretfully, trust yourself and the person who has just paid you, by the way, put your valuables at the back of your stall to save you coming up to one of our team sniveling but saying “Someone has just stolen something from my stall when I wasn’t looking”
Well there you go your security on you stall respectfully is crap. Deal with it!!

Ooh me goolie tree.
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PARKING of 'Early SELLERS' updated 16/08/17
Remember; You are buying 'a space to sell beside you car' you are NOT buying the field. Similarly you cannot demand to be parked in a particul
RULING on how many sellers per CAR/VAN/LORRY!
You are allowed only TWO adult sellers and two children under 15 years of age to help set up your stalls. Any additional helpers (who must pay the cor
@ TRURO Car Boot Sales on SUNDAYS at 1.30 pm
Starts - 1.30pm
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